Does anyone here uses Docker for all the environments (dev, qual, prod)?

If yes, how do you feel about it? How it is?

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    What else would you use?
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    Haha funny you ask. I actually have to use a diff tool in conjunction with ftp.
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    @gnog No. Just, no.
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    With kubernetes. Zero downtime deployment ftw
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    I personally only use it for production. But at work they use it for the stages you mentioned, but of course, its automated, once the tag is set on the branch, gitlab auto build everything and then run a script on target server to extract built (or if PHP just pull the repo) and create container, remove old one, create new one and start it
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    - Female recruiter: what technology you are using?
    -Me: Docker
    -Female recruiter:
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    SHIT! this is beautiful! If I was a girl, I would be like the previous comment right now
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    Will definitely give that docker or kubernetes a try!
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