Some of y'all post some retarded quotes man no lie.

"A programmer does not fix computers" ~Some Indian dude


Does that need to be made into a quote? And do you honestly believe something soooo mundane should be attributed to one person only?

"Drink a glass of water every morning, best way to start your day" ~ Alecx(read with Indian accent even though I am Mexican American)

"Sleeping in your own bed is always the best" ~ Alecx

See how stupid that shit is? Quoting shit that is sooooo fucking generic and that literally anyone can think off?

I dunno why it pisses me off soooo fucking much. Ffs. The same thing about "dev jokes" do you have any idea how fucking cringey that shit is? And half the fucking time y'all post that shit in some of the most broken ass English I've ever seen man wtf.

The quality of rants has been going down in spirals and with a dogon YEEEE HAW and darling trust this motherfucker....I know a lil something about yeee haws.....this is a prime example.

Look, people can rant and post whatever the fuck they want. I ain't gonna hold you back on it. Just know that a lot of us think you are a moron.

A cringey moron at that.

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    I roll my eyes really hard when I see “5 hours of debug then found missing semicolon” joke...
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    "dont put your dick in a blender" -Adolf Hitler probably
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    "I think it gets round" parrot flying into ventilator.
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    "Damn bro this play is boring as fuck. Someone kill me" - Abraham Lincoln probably
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    This bullshit attempt to seem intelligent makes me cringe too.

    Your quote is vague as fuck and is about as deep as a puddle. Fuck off Chad.
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    "Fuck you"-somebody
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    Being Indian, I agree with your post.
    I used to share cringy programming jokes during my college days. Then after started working as a developer, I realised how cringy those jokes were. Now I can differentiate between good programming joke and non sense shit.
    Pardon my broken english.
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    @scorpionk nothing to apologize, dude. Your English is perfectly fine 👍
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    " Finding that missing semicolon, after hours of searching, is the most enjoyable aspect of programming 😁 "
    ーNo one
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    Yeah man just look at your retarded rant pointing out this ... Eerm... Vulnerability?
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    @karma not at clue what you meant. But this is a retarded rant. So i agree on that
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    @Chubak Navigating through spaghetti legacy code - that's the real struggle.
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    @scorpionk wasn't trying to make it so Indian centric my man. It was just based on the population of devrant. And your English is spot on!
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    If you are mexican american you probably have india accent anyway
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    @aviophile well i did run into a runtime bug the other day that was just a missing import
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    @mundo03 pretty far fetched considering that i was raised here with English as my first language.

    I sound yee haw as fuck.

    You prob do tho. Ain't gonna hold it against you.
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    @AleCx04 When you say "ice" does it sound like "ass"?

    My favorite southern word is probably y'all's tbh.
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    @AleCx04 that is what a damned Mexican would say.
    Also, no, you shouldn't hold.
    How is life in texas? Do you cook your won tacos or do you eat that texmex shit?
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    @Stuxnet yes it does.
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    @mundo03 i don't get it. If i was raised in the us all of my life I am supposed to have an accent just because I am Mexican?

    That weird logic I only get from Mexicans my dude....
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    @mundo03 and I havw 0 clue what a "won" taco is
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    @AleCx04 own taco. Yisus christ.
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    I feel so old when I see the quality of rants declining that are complaining about the falling quality of rants.
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    @phorkyas your point??
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