Had a MacBook try to commit suicide sometime this weekend... just glad it didn't explode in the office ...

The battery swole large enough to push the trackpad out of the frame about a centimeter cracking it in half.

Took the battery out. Still works fine even with a cracked trackpad.

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    Why'd it happen?
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    It's happened to me. As soon as you notice the bulge you gotta get the battery replaced. I believe it's mostly because of age
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    Ah I had that happen to me with my river laptop
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    @rigobertomolina not sure, musta just been ready to die because as far as I could see it was off and unplugged. Unless someone here pulled the plug and just left it there without mentioning it...
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    I don't know it looks to me like you just overcharged it, try to drain the battery and the swelling will go down.
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    It's a transformer. It is trying to morph into a Galaxy Note 7!
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