I'm looking for a hobby project during winter as I can not drive my motorbike during that time. Anyone has a good idea?
Maybe I could start with my old business plan idea, but I would for sure need people to help me.

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    what does your old business plan look like then?
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    @Hazen It was some kind of medication reminder. Starting from a small sclae (single person) up to full hospitals. It would now which person needs to get what and how much of it. Also it could give information about side effects and so on. We originally thought of doing it on an iPad. but as we also had the idea of some kind of medication closet which would only unlock the drug needed, I now think a raspberry is better.
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    that sounds like a good idea to me.
    Are there already many competitors doing similar stuff?
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    @Hazen On the software side yes, but only with similar ideas not as feature rich and not in combination with hardware
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    Sounds interesting. Raspberry should be investigated. I like the unlocking of proper medication angle. Adafruit.com might have parts and ideas.
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