Writing some code on a flight

"Ugh... Well yeah but not in the way you're thinking"
"Omg I'm getting a flight attendant"

Needless to say I'm still en route because the flight attendant realized that I'm not Mr Robot, nor do I have ZeroCool scribbled on my laptop anywhere.

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    Bravo and ++ for the ZeroCool reference
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    Row row row your boat! 🎵🎶
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    Good thing Mr. The Plague wasn't the one who caught you.
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    I hate it that people have wrong concepts about the term hacker.
    Great story though, made me laugh!
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    Go to Cafe Press and get yourself a ZeroCool hoodie. Speaking of which, @dfox, have you thought about using Cafe Press for DevRant gear?
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    Hack the Planet!
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    To be honest, I'd have probably just said 'no'.
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    No, I'm just writing a very odd story. @drRoss
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    Bet you have an AcidBurns desktop background though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Then mumble some foreign languages as you code ... bonus points if you have a crazy beard.
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    @FuzzDistor some code for a swift library. Admittedly, I use the midnight color scheme for Xcode so it does look... ominous I guess.
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