This is a long post and if someone comments without reading carefully I don't care about that person's opinion.

I have 3 accounts here, and that is a must have for me. Let me explain:

Let's think of people and who they are in layers.

The innermost layers are made of private and intimate things: fears, dreams, shames, basically things that are mostly shared with very close people, like family, best friends, and specially significant others.

On the other hand, outermost layers are the public persona, who you are as a citizen, who you are in your profesion, and so on.

So, you wouldn't normally tell your boss about your favorite sex positions.

Let's also say there can be layers in the middle, and all the layers sometimes overlap, but let's not get too deep into this as I think I got the point across.

Here on I explain the original thesis.

I am a developer, and as such I want to fulfill my needs on dev communities, one of them being devrant.
I wish to learn from other devs, I expose my (sometimes controversial) points of view. I rant about annoying shit in the workplace.

But also, at some level, I wish to be taken seriously as a developer, I wish to build a reputation, and I wish to be accepted, even in a shallow social level. There is a social factor to what we do and it's totally normal.

Now, the problem is that I also would want to express my inner self.

So what I do is I don't use my main account for that, I use another, in fact 2 other accounts.

There are several reasons for that:

* I want to hide intimate shit from trolls.

Imagine I griefpost about a loved one that died, then later found myself in a heated discussion about some language, and then some troll comments something like "I'm glad your x died". i wouldn't react very well.

* I want to keep my posts consistent.

If people become interested in what I post as a dev, then they are going to expect dev related stuff from me. If I start posting like controversial points of view, that's not very cool because I'd be doing like a bait n switch on them.

* I want to maintain a reputation, and I want to not get banned on the main account

Reputation as a profesional is a real thing, and it shouldn't be affected by your personal shit.
Also sometimes you argue, and things get heated, and sometimes you get suspended or banned.

You try your hardest to be respectful, but in some communities, some mods are trigger happy.

By restricting this on your alt account, you're in a way promising that you'll have the upmost behaviour on your dev account because that means being professional.

Now, I said I had 2 other accounts.

The reason for having 2 is because I separate two layers:

In the 2nd account I am open and direct regarding my points of view, and more argumentative, but still trying to be relatively civil. I would also post things that might be controversial or not popular. I try to be real basically.

You can conclude that the 2nd account is the one posting this, since this post could trigger some people.

In the 3rd account, I talk about intimate shit like traumas, fears, emotional pain, things I know I'll get support for (the same support I give others when in need) and are not controversial in any way.
This way I can vent painful things and avoid trolls.

Cool people appreciate it when you're transparent about your shortcoming and dark thoughts.

But it takes one asshole in a high horse to judge you. And sometimes you need to give that asshole the middle finger without being afraid of ruining your reputation
or getting banned,
or being scared of that asshole laughing about your intimate shit (again, I use this account for that)

I know it sounds like I have multiple personalities but I swear I'm ok, and hopefully what I said makes sense. People might say "don't use alt accounts, go to another site", but I find that devrant has some interesting people.

The obvious downside is that you end up knowing people more than what they assume, because you interact with them through different accounts.

This is kinda shady, but I'm not interested in taking advantage of others anyway so...

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    So the part about a troll shit talking after a post about a death would not happen here.

    I consider myself to be one of the biggest assholes here, and I'd never go that far, and I don't think anyone else would. I know other social media can't say the same, but this is about dR.

    Again, about dR. You're not gonna get banned unless you cross a line and like spam or post shit that you shouldn't (nudity, uhh I think someone shit post a lot of gore, and a few asshole trolls that were going too far got banned.)

    Professionalism. It's important in the real world, for sure. But in social media land, I don't see it being as big of a deal. Sure, I understand wanting people to take you seriously and what not. But I'm not letting that desire to be taken seriously affect how likely I am to express my genuine two cents.
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    @Stuxnet appreciate the input
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    This is devRant.

    About the only social platform I've come across not about to ban, shitpost (well not to that degree anyway), or hold a grudge against you - generally speaking.

    Tomorrow is another day, another rant is generally another discussion, rarely do these things cross over. Unless it's JaSe and his Lols.

    You don't need to stress over multi accounts and how you're perceived, we are almost all devs, so common ground has already been set, we all hate on JavaScript and Microsoft but you know 🀷‍♂️ some of us actually have to use them.
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    @C0D4 you guys might actually convince me...
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    @C0D4 sir I don't appreciate you assuming my stance on the hatred towards Microsoft.

    I'm offended smfh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But you're dead on. Nobody takes it personally here. I've had my fair share of arguments with Frodo and Alex. But at the end of the day, I never disliked either one of them.

    It's like each day was a reset of the day before and you just keep right on moving from square 1 each day.
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    @Stuxnet wow that's interesting.

    like in that other thread im saying you have add, but if this was reddit i would be getting my ass banned immediately...

    or people start sending you dms and shit and picking up on shit you posted in the past...
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    @Stuxnet I'm sorry. Google is an acceptable replacement there aswell, or Amazon or any other trillion dollar company for that matter πŸ˜‚

    another day another argument awaiting to happen with someone 🀷‍♂️

    @jesustricks just wait till you get in @irene's firing line πŸ™ƒ
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    @jesustricks You have to do a lot worse than telling me I've got ADD to piss me off or even just make me mad.

    Pretty much the only things that piss me off these days are the sports I'm watching and the games I'm playing.

    This community is definitely a lot nicer than all the other ones. Like the programming community on Instagram is a circle jerk of shitty memes and vague "motivational" quotes as the caption to a picture of your laptop.

    A large chunk of reddit is a shithole, not just programming related. Facebook is the forbidden land these days lol.
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    @Stuxnet you dare say the F devils name in here

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    @broseph highlights reel:
    - multi accounts
    - afraid Devrant is like other social platforms
    - don't want to be shit posted to hell and back
    - finds out Devrant isn't so bad after all
    - stops being @rEaL-JaSe with multi account disorder
    - lives a happy Devrant-ty life
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    @C0D4 thanks! That’s a valuable service you offer! You should charge.
    Like money..
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    @broseph πŸ€”Highlights As A Service
    I think you're on to something.
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    I usually do this on social media, too.

    Shady? Maybe to some shallow, irrelevant feeling type. Manipulative? Meh, not really, unless you use it for such. I'm also an INTJ who scored almost 100th percentile in Machiavellianism; manipulation is second nature to me; having multiple accounts isn't necessary. But why am I sharing this? Anonymity. It allows me to be myself here without fear, even sharing very controversial opinions, and yet surprisingly people like me for who I am. Some people do still judge, but I honestly don't care.
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    @Root good to know someone else does it too
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    @rEaL-jAsE i have no idea, it sounded random and funny
    im not christian tho if that's what you're asking lord jase
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    @jesustricks I think this is a good place to just be yourself in all your facets :) so, be your main account(pun)

    But hey, that was a nice write up

    Speaking of multiple accounts, @Migraine has gone low profile lately
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    I don't think I've seen so much @irene in my notifs in 1 day before πŸ€—
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    I totally get what you're saying but on a personal level I'm trying to avoid fragmenting into multiple personalities/personas as much as possible, even though I see the need for separation in some settings.

    I'm also not a fan of how we're always putting on differently masks when interacting with each other, in a broader sense. Especially in the workplace, I just find it dehumanizing. At the same time we couldn't have every work place degrade to flame wars about politics and sexuality. My vision is that people can accept each other's as complex beings and not amputate parts of ourselves depending on social context. This doesn't mean you have to be loud or rude or whatever, I'm just asking for some more acceptance and humanity.

    I've never put this into words before so I realize just now that this is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of working in an office. As soon as I enter that place I leave some parts of me behind, unfortunately the parts of me that I value the most. Sincerity. Openness and freedom of expression.

    I dunno, I'm just trying to counteract all that. I'm a dev and a human being.
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    @ihatecomputers very interesting insight, I definitely agree at some level.
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    @devTea may I ask, did you upvote every comment here?
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    @jesustricks yes, unless it is offensive or spam
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    @devTea oh, ok.
    I sometimes wonder if you were the alter ego of the creators of devrant, upvoting everyone so that no one feels alone and leaves the site.

    If so, genius idea.
    If not, then I'm kinda curious, as I tend to be very exclusive regarding what I upvote. Like you have 30k ++ woow.
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    @jesustricks I don’t have any relation to the creator of devrant πŸ˜‡
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    Feels like way too much effort for me to be put into social media.
    I just post whatever and try not to give a crap.
    Just once had a very negative experience here. Mostly it's fine though.
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