We need more JS devs for our frontend.
After half a year of PM complaining that he doesn’t find devs, he finally came back to us:
„Sorry guys, I found two devs, but they are not Java developers, they only do JavaScript“
*both speechless*
TeamLead: „... wait, you searched for Java devs half a year?“

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    @Alice How can you get your work done, if you are replying on devrant instantly ?
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    Work is for fools, automate your work 😅
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    @Alice but you don’t do that the entire day, do you ?
    I mean, you are pretty much the first commenter on a shit load of posts...
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    @Alice ah, that’s why I cannot relate. I am single threaded af.
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    @Alice seems to be single threaded as well... maybe I need to build a flowchart of that in my mind
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    Project managers in software development are just bunch of redundant idiots.

    They suppose to speed up the project, improve efficiency, simplify the process, but what they do are actually the opposite!

    I think people will soon realise we don't really need PM, like my current job, 200 devs, we do our own PM/JIRA, no problem.
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    @Alice side thought: What’s your opinion about The Rain so far? Is it actually a good series?
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    @Alice alright thanks. Think I mostly just feel weird about the concept of an American production happening in Denmark. Perhaps I’ll give it a try, when I run out of good series.
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    Why the PM couldn't find Java developers?
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    @abkcode It might be a bit hard to find Front End Java developers?
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    @abkcode @bjoer751 he doesn’t understand the difference between Java / JS.

    And our company policy is incredibly dump, such that he had to request devs and nobody matched the requirements
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    is your pm by chance a frustrated *different profession*?
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    @jesustricks “all i do is correct” “it’s my decision” “you do the coding I am the manager”
    That kind of pm
    He doesn’t seem to be willing to learn anything dev-related.

    Honestly, I don’t know what is profession was before or what it is currently. Officially he’s our PM.
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    @Alice i actually thought that you were saying that were in bed watching it rain outside ._.
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    @dder that was exactly my point.
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    @Alice Second season already out?
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    Ah... Here we go again...
    Non-technical managers confusing things over and over again.
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    @AngryDev9981 sure, might be the case.
    Which is sort of ok, but the major problem is that he is not willing to ask us or try to understand his mistakes.

    It’s like we as the dev team is talking to a wall.
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    @dder point out to his responsible that he wasted half a year of work for such a stupid mistake.
    Selfish people like that are less of colleagues and more heavy weight.
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    @h4xx3r we did three times. With him, then even with the responsible of his responsible.
    They are promising improvement.

    But since there is nothing happening in the foreseeable future, I stopped caring, which I think makes me feel better, and just develop my stuff and looking forward to do my Ph.D. Instead of working for incompetent people.
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    @dder In this cases there's only the treat that remains, like:
    email:"For the improvement that you promised, give us your scheduled plan on how you're going to improve the situation, or else our team is out of the project"

    But this requires group union of intention and courage, something hardly achievable, especially from developers. 😐
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    @nam17887 my current project is only three devs and we do need a PM. The lead dev (also PM, support etc) has way to much on his plate 80% of which a PM could solve.
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    Funny you should say that, I was emailed a job from a recruiter a while back who said they were looking for frontend Java devs, with relevant HTML, CSS and Angular experience.

    I daresay your boss won't be the first or last to make that mistake...!
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    20 years later and JavaScript's stupid marketing still misleads people. Mission accomplished I guess
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    @12bitfloat i was so happy when razor was announced. i was afraid i was going to have to learn to do some javascript, now i'm just going to move forward pretending that abomination doesn't exist :D
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