One day my mum got a call from a man claiming to be from Microsoft. He said there is something wrong with the computer and tried to make her install TeamViewer to "fix" it, but my mum didn't manage to install it for several hours until he gave up.
Sometimes knowing even less can save your PC.

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    If it makes you feel better there are many many YouTube vids of techies trolling these awful people
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    I have had quite a bit of fun with these calls, it's almost like a rare treat for me.
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    It is so fun messing with them. They so are easy to piss off
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    my brother and I kept getting this calls. We had an internal game on how long we could keep them in line.
    It is a good thing to do. Then they have less time to trick innocent people. it's our duty as IT warriors.

    after a week of daily calls it got old. we have a life after all.
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    @benzouki I'm from Germany so... There you go ^^
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    Just say to them, 'well i use Linux, so how should I proceed now??'
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    @keigezellig She is actually using Linux because I installed it for her!
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