A Joke/Meme/Story. Sit down and enjoy

In my job we develop WebApps for any company that uses accounting stuff (like you must be wondering, all types of companies).

Some web developers may understand the problem with Internet Explorer and Bootstrap and some libraries 😂 and yes, we had a situaion where we had to put a message at the login to say that you must use Chrome or Firefox in order to use our system properly instead of Internet Explorer (unfortunately, too many factories in my city only use Internet Explorer)

The last week I had too much deadtime and I found this video (watch it from minute 0:55)


I laughed so hard 😂 it represents our situation with those Internet Explorer lovers 😂👊🏻

P.D. The video is in spanish, but don‘t worry. If you don‘t speak spanish, in few words, this video is about two roomies (alternative Bert and Ernie) and Bert is mad because Ernie installed Internet Explorer on Bert‘s laptop, so he ask him to uninstall it. Ernie uninstalled it, but he also erased disk C 😂

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