Half a year ago, I got fired in my job. The reason was the same always bullshit; we have very little clients, economy nowadays is terribly bad, our priorities are different now than when we hired you, etc.
The last week I spent there, I heard something about my poor performance and programming skills, and that pissed me off a lot. For six months I worked on a laravel web app for managing customers, tasks and invoices, a fucking CRM, but made specifically for that company just because they didn't know sugar, odoo, prime or whatever.
Parallel to the crappy CRM, I was told to patch some PrestaShop, WordPress and plain sites, and it was hard to communicate with customers, management ignored every email I sent, and all I was told to do was "do as they say".
The result was shit, obviously, and my work showed much less skill, knowledge and expertise than I really have.
After that, I spent a few months unemployed, studying and working as a waiter just to survive, because my contract didn't comply with unemployment office requirements for a pay.
Then I got this job, on an analytics company where guess what, I'm told to write a fucking laravel web app for managing customers, invoices and tasks. In the meantime, I design websites, and communication with customers is shit, and management ignores every single mail I send.
My salary is eight hundred putos euros again, and will contract is wet shit.
I know, maybe I am "not that good" to earn a 3000€+ salary and have a good team support.
But I'm not */that/* bad.

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    sounds to me like you should stay while searching for a good job instead of this shit you had/have to deal with. I wish you all the best and don't let imposter kick in!
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    By your experience, you'll have to reconsider your (company) choices and self representation.

    Maybe you lack a degree for skills recognition or the ecosystem to attract any serious salary.
    Even the country or living area might be a topic here.

    Boost your CV get your micro certificates from SoloLearn, edX Coursera or whatever and populate vibrant professional environment.

    Do not wonder. Business is crushing. Everywhere.
    Go for it!
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    @scor Yeah, I guess it's a combination of lots of stuff. Work philosophy here in Spain is "I pay for this, therefore I know best". I have no degree in cs or whatever, and my resume shows diplomas of several areas, like design, web development o big data. Market here values very old stuff because there is this fear that new (new as in "not 10 years old +") is going to fail or not be understood. Companies here trust better personal opinions of third players, very often not related with the matter, just comments made over supper, and contracts are asigned by other criteria than the specific need, reach, aproach or complexity of the subject.
    I hate it here, don't come to Spain, it's a joke and a shame...
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    Feels bro.. Same shit all over around here in Italy 😢
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