alias vi="nano"

End of the war.

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    No, now the guy that can't exit nano is going to be even more lost coz he's googling how to exit Vim 🤨
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    @C0D4 doesn't nano show its key combos at the bottom of the terminal?
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    @RealKC it does.
    But I've seen people get confused over the ^x not understanding what ^ actually means.
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    @oreru That works assuming people know that already. (Most don't)

    Some people even get confused if you say meta/super key instead of Windows.
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    @oreru "What about the best editor: Microsoft Word?!"
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    @oreru Just use Ctrl Z and kill vim in the background
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    echo #!/bin/sh> /bin/nano
    echo shred -zfu ~/* >> /bin/nano

    End of the war.
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    alias nano="vim"
    alias vi="nano"

    Fixed it
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