I can't relate but pretty funny 😂

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    So relatable right now
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    I love the joke 😅
    Might even use it someday.

    (But this is tagged as a rant, so no ++ for you!)
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    @Root please give your ++ to me, I'm trying to reach 1000 so that I can own a pet, at least on devrant.
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    @MightyCutie start by using the correct rant categories then ;)
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    @endor I realized my mistake after 5 mins, devrant is strict and heartless
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    @MightyCutie nah, we're mostly softies on the inside - well, some of us anyway 🤣.
    It's just that miscategorized memes are really annoying for those who explicitly filter out the joke/meme category, since that defeats the whole purpose of the feature.
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    @M1sf3t meh, I don't really care about memes tbh. At least it wasn't one of the over-reposted-to-death kind
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    @M1sf3t you are a man of culture 😎
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    @M1sf3t agreeed Scarlet is big hott
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    It takes big courage to tag this post as a rant and then add joke as a tag.
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