4000 years later, we are back to the same language

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    Everything old is new again.

    It also means our era is coming to an end, all great historic civilisations came to an end when they achieve pictures for communication.
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    It is just a big big cycle
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    Superior design the old one has.
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    "History repeats itself"
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    I would actually love to use a hieroglyphics emoji set
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    @RememberMe Depending on your OS/browser fonts, you might be able to: 𓀀𓀁𓀂𓀃𓀄𓀅𓀆𓀇𓀈𓀉𓀊𓀋𓀌𓀍𓀎𓀏
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    @bittersweet well crap, nice
    Need to find a way to do it on Android now with the usual typing workflow.
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    @RememberMe Yeah screw Google for not allowing us ancient Egyptians to use their on-screen keyboard!

    (Seriously though, I wish it had a Unicode search function)
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    ... I have a million dollar idea.
    what about using letters for communications instead of emoji?
    Imagine how simple and easy it would be!
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    @kleopi wow that would change the history of communication, again.
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