I want to share this story and need your advise.

When I was teaching exisiting team members about git and new iOS development ecosystem. I was changing the whole ios development practices and processes that time. One of my teammates wasn’t listening, when implementing the new ios development practices and standards, he actually screwed all of the projects.

He’s been with us for 2 years and he even don’t know how to use git. He forcefully push his changes without pulling our changes first. I was so angry that I reported him to my manager to address this matter. And then my manager told me, he is aware of my teammate’s incapabilities. He said he was planning to terminate him, and he is been thinking about it for 3 months.

When the judgement day came, we were in the meeting room. My manager told us the bad news that one of us will be terminated. During the meeting he said, “I am sorry, {my teammate’s name}. You will be out of the team due to {reason of termination}. {my name} reported to me that you dont meet the deadline, you are always late with 2 weekly sprint to your tickets”. As my manager keeps talking, my teammate look at me with his eyes so angry together with his girlfriend (her girlfriend is part of mobile team, but she is focused on UI/UX).

After my manager stops talking, her girlfriend started crying and said I was the one who should be terminated. Her reason was that I keep on giving difficult tasks to his boyfriend, that’s why he is always late to report. In my defense, those tasks are not difficult, most of his tasks is just changing the color of labels, changing layouts. If you are an iOS developer you know how easy it is to change font colors, changing the layouts using storyboards. Her girlfriend keeps on rambling that I should be the one needs to be terminated.

After few days, he left the team and surprisingly his girlfriend stayed and we never talk to each other except anything about work.

I am really pissed guys. Now my teammates think I am the bad guy asking my manager to terminate anyone in the team if I feel to. I feel very very not good in my work now. I can’t function what I used to. The termination of my teammate was already planned why am I should take the blame?

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    Just move on. You did what you need to.
    Otherwise you will be fucked up everytime a project is blown.
    Neither that guy or his girlfriend wont cover your ass.
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    That was a bad choice on the manager's side, using you for that.. though, you probably said and came up for what others already said and thought. Find like-minded people, and pull yourself up on the fact that those people aren't mad, and you're not crazy for taking a stand, or at least took some action against this dude's seemingly ridiculously slow learning path.. his gf will eventually learn too.. x)
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    You don’t have to feel bad for someone else incapabilities

    Just stay on guard as someone might try to blackmail or do some stupid shit against you
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    @zotigapo thank you for the advise
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    @xewl thank you for taking time to read and giving me advise
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    @devTea yeah that’s what I am worry about
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    Cant offer much advise, but your manager is pretty much solely the wrongdoer in this situation.

    Maybe poke HR? set up some kind of team building day or w/e
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    If i'd be used this way, i'd change the job on my own. This isn't healthy situation. Being used as a pretext to fire someone, and now important publicly, is evil. I think you should discuss the whole situation with hr and rest of the team, because this is now how issues should be solved.
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    Sweetheart, the writing's on the wall. Get the fuck out. Now.
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    Wtf manager is that. Be careful now. Coz a girl who starts bawling in a meeting, is either an emotional mess, which is amazing, or a manipulative bitch and that's pretty bad, coz she isn't spreading love in the workplace about you.
    Concentrate on your work, maybe convince your teammates that one crying weirdo shouldn't change their opinion of you and you didn't want him fired, just not on your team. Try and move to another team with another manager when this cools down. Coz I see a toxic and tyrant manager.
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    @phreakyphoenix the manager sounds like a pussy that is too scared to fire someone on his own decision
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    @devTea I hope he is, coz else he might intentionally be trying to throw the OP under the bus. Tyrant bosses are pretty common. They take no responsibility of bad things and chime in at victories. My current supervisor is a tyrant. And I'm just in Uni lol.
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    GET. OUT.

    not only did the fucker try to fire an employee at an open meeting, he openly pinned it on a co-worker.

    first off you handle layoffs in private. no exceptions.

    second you don't refer to co-worker feedback, citing the KPI's in this case is reason enough, but you do that in private!

    if you have a union representative at work, contact that person. if you don't, try and contact your union - you want report history on this asap.

    CYA and take care!
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    Manager sucks, hit up hr or senior manager get that mofo fired and replace him to fire the bitch πŸ•ΊπŸ»
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    Thanks guys for the advise and support. I’ll keep them in mind. Maybe I should find someplace else. I have been planning to move out in this company. This company dont value their employees works. I have been working for 3 yrs and still haven’t got a raise.

    I confronted some of guys in my team. Good thing, they don’t think of me as the bad guy. They said I was only doing my job and no need to be down at.
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    Not sure what HR did all this time.

    The said teammate should have been put in a performance improvement program and then a decision was supposed to be made. Not abruptly terminating on grounds of performance and throwing you under the bus.
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