Windows is made for users who DON'T want full control. Funny tho how people wanting this control and seeing themselves needing this control are too stupid to find out how to actually control it.

But what am I saying. To cite @Stuxnet: REEE WINHOES BAD

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    There are linux distros that are a lot easier to use than windows if you haven't learnt to use windows already.

    Windows is good for people who have spent the time and effort to learn how to make use of it.
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    @electrineer I spent my hildhood with windows on my dads mashine. I loved it. For me it was the greatest. But when I dug deeper into programming and exploring the depths of technology like compilers etc it just didn't work anymore. Everything felt too big for what it needed to do. The fucking dll hell became real af (see @FrodoSwaggins). Later I somehow learned about linux. And the change didn't feel difficult at all even though I used windows for so much more time before. Of course lots of things were new and I had to kinda relearn it (bash scripting and shit) but everything else like installing software and programming felt like gods blessing.
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