Long rant, sorry.

I’m pretty upset, or let’s say: I want to kick asses and chew gum but I’m all out of gum(The duke TM).

Yesterday we had a discussion in the office about salary basically.

Context: The company has about 150 employees and earns a lot of money. I’m the lead dev for about 1.5 years since I joined.

So I talked to our CEO/HR about a raise since I was hired as a normal fullstack dev(title is lead dev now) but have to:
train my junior(PHP), frontend guy(react), our QA(Automation with cypress atm), our junior devop(gitlab, jenkins, docker) and even assist marketing with GTM and adword campaigns.

I’m a jack of all trades basically since I was a freelancer for big brands for a long time.
I’m fine with helping/training, I like it a lot but I still have to watch everything and be fast with my own stuff. If anything goes wrong, people call me.

That will change since I train them all(They will all be independent soon) but still, doing everything for the same pay feels wrong.

Bottom line: CEO told me it’s cool that they can use all my skills but I won’t get a raise.

The worst/strangest was: My coworkers heard about that(as always in an office) and were like: Everybody should get paid equally because we’re all a team. Uhm, ok?

I just contacted the head hunter which got me that job. I guess I’ll just see what the market has to offer.

It should never be about money but this was confusing. People telling me we should all be equal who are on their mobiles 3h a day and feel underpaid. Check yourself, really.

People who think their pure presence is enough.. Germany -.-

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    The sad truth is that being very productive, or giving your all doesn't translate in rewards. Most of the time you just get the opposite.

    I'm in somewhat of the same situation. I got hired to be architect/senior dev on a project, I'm basically doing all the devops on the side atm too, and in the meanwhile some of my collegues are mad about it since they have to do support every 4/5 weeks and I don't. They don't know shit about git ci/cd or architecture though. As for the higher ups, they just care about their bottom line.

    My solution: probably going freelance. At least I'll get some freedom and won't be stuck in a dead end project.
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    @HisAxelency I’m already/still doing freelance work. A weekend of work sometimes is more than my salary.

    The company is a charity company. I’m actually there to do something good. It’s not really about the money. The safe money is good for my family, not going to lie.

    But being this ignorant.. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say because I can’t believe people can be like this.(This dumb)
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    @rutee07 I’ll be right next to you waiting for them with a baseball bat. Or with a dictionary to punch some knowledge into their heads. If you can say it like this in english ;)
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    In my experience, charity is just another company. I've worked on projects for some bigger non-profit charities in the past and honestly, it was even more about money than a normal company.

    As for your colleagues, yes people are like that. They will always mirror themselves to you when it's about money. Even if you are teaching them how they should do stuff. In their eyes, you're 'part of the team' therefore your knowledge belongs to the team, and the team should be rewarded for it.
    Obviously, if they would have the knowledge you have, they'd think differently about it. But in general, colleagues are just that, at the end of the day, they'll make sure they get the best deal for themselves.
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    That sounds like a shitty workplace. I'm curious if anyone stayed over 3+ years.
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    @HisAxelency You‘re totally right and I know that.

    I mean, just now(first day of my 3 week vacation today) I get slack notifications from jira and QA is creating bug tickets which are no bugs. They don‘t even understand the application after 6 months.

    Normally I would tell them now: Hey, that‘s not a bug. The app works like this. But I stopped caring. So it‘s time to move on.
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    @legacy07 the company is 2.5 years old so.. ;)
    It was good there for exactly one year. It was perfect. In june we got a new head of IT and well.. The above happened. He hired a lot of know it all juniors.
    And he fired the second senior. It‘s all about the numbers.
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    @ExGetMessage I mean there's nothing wrong with hiring juniors coz they'll pick it up quickly and be much of a help in the long run considering there are enough mixture of mid and seniors. However, the fact that you don't get a raise after having a lead role + been working over a year shows their stinginess(idk if that's a word lol) and lack of care. You should defo get what you deserve and work for.
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    @legacy07 best part is: They just hired another 21 year old “full stack” yesterday. They didn’t ask me, of course.
    They hired him because he is in Mensa(club for people with high IQ). The reasoning was: High IQ -> good dev. No questions asked.
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    @legacy07 yeah but 8 juniors and 1 senior? That’s no mix.
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    @rutee07 Tired is not the right word here anymore. I would like to throw them out of the window or let them ride the one way elevator(balcony, top floor) sometimes. Some of them are just so fkn stupid.. I’m giving up ;)
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    Sounds like frustration, definitely gtfo. But enjoy your vacation first ;)
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    @HisAxelency yeah. Ranting now and then enjoying the vacation ;) Just like 3 more months after vacation(finding a new job in the meantime) and then taking the rest of my vacation days until next year.
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    This is one of those rants where the more I read the angrier I get.

    Gotta love that communism "We are all part of the team, comrade" bullshit.

    You sound like a pure and proper fullstack and add willingness to share your knowledge to the mix and you sir are worth you weight in gold.

    Don't let them use you like that!
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    They lied to you. I imagine the head hunter who got you the job will act like they don't have a clue as to what's going on. Get yourself the F out of there before they use any more of you up!
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    Bro, new job. That’s it. They’re using your sorry ass.
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    The world is not fair. Your CEO doesn’t own you anything above what’s in your contract. He made a business decision not to reward you. Now it is your turn to give your notice.
    Your coworker is an idiot.
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    @matste of course he doesn’t owe me anything but normally, especially if you hire a lot of juniors, you should be interested in keeping the person training them. It’s that simple. But that’s nothing I have to care about :)

    I’m already thinking about the next job. Just not sure yet what I want to do next, maybe something more security related this time so my OSCP cert is actually useful.
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    @Sunsette Thanks, I’m totally done with that/them. Especially that “we accomplished that as a team” when in reality the rest is not really contributing anything useful.

    In the end most of it comes down to hiring the right people.
    One example: For our HR the term junior means knowing absolutely nothing, so for them hiring someone with zero knowledge is okay. I tried to explain multiple times that being a junior and not having any IT knowledge at all is something different but well..I guess there are also a lot of “juniors” in our HR department ;)
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    @ExGetMessage doesnt that really sum up the uselessness of hr lol imo hr shouldnt even exist. The cto should be in the hiring process for a dev, that goes with the cfo or sales manager should go with hiring a sales person. I actually dont get the point of hr with them producing shitty and unrealistic job applications and dealing with the interview process when they have literally little to no knowledge of the area.
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    @legacy07 I mean, hr is useful for the first step of the process. Sort out totally unqualified applications etc. but in the last interview somebody with actual knowledge in the respective field should be present.

    Unfortunately they don’t really understand that here and just have managers in interviews most of the time.
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    Get a new job, it’s quite hot domain in Germany, your company seems to be crap with shitty culture anyways
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    @jurion Sorry late reply but no thanks. I decide where I work, as arrogant as it may sound.

    During my holidays I wrote some POCs again(exploits) and had pretty interesting conversations.

    If nothing changes I will be an internal pentester from 2020 onwards. If everything works you can see me at blackhat and pwn2own next year.
    My future employer is there on a regular basis. I‘m excited :)
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    @dkisler Well, they weren‘t. It changed. „Growing pains“.
    That can happen everywhere.

    You can‘t make a company big as a dev if the product sucks but in my case it didn‘t, it was great.
    That‘s nothing I did, so not my achievement. But as a dev you can make the difference.

    You optimize everything, like I did. Optimize code, adwords, pagespeed, monitor bounce rates etc., minimize cancellations, keep customers -> company earns money, a lot.

    Then more managers are needed. That‘s reasonable. But a lot of times the vicious cycle begins then. Fights for positions, responsibilities and voila, there you go.

    Nothing unusual. Not even surprising. And not deadly for company. I will be replaced and the company will survive. Until the next „me“ quits and the next one joins.
    That‘s just how it works :)
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    @jurion not right now but in general, I‘d really love to!
    One of the few countries I consider moving to weather/people wise.
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