Well, it took me 7 hours but I finally made it.

I have a functional Arch Linux installation on my new laptop.

oh except the audio fails from time to time but it'll work eventually
and my hard disk starts clicking whenever I reboot even though I keep disabling its "power management"
and for fucks sake will you please mount my usb when i tell you to
and my touchpad doesn't work

but I can code and play games on it so whatever it's functional

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    Well done, green circle. The collective mind is proud of your achievement. What WM/DE Did you choose?
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    @Jilano I usually go with i3+polybar but I tried kde because everyone seems to love it. nice experience but still went with i3 in the end
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    @meggpeng Sounds good!
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    @HampusMa, I'll remind you about this rant in 12 hour(s)
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    Good. It took me less than 30 minutes to download, install and boot into LinuxMint, download and install IntelliJ, clone my project and start working on it.

    I guess I've saved more than 7 hours of my life, compared to your Arch :) (considering not everything's working for you and these 7 hours of yours did not include IDE, project, configurations and so)
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    @netikras Arch is allowing you to learn how linux works and does a great job.
    Also, underneath the "clean UI, easy and fast" keywords on Mint that distro is a cluster of mangled configuration files.
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    @1337M0nst3r Yep, I agree! Even though I was also using Linux Mint like 10 months ago and Cinammon seemed quite clean and easy to use, nowadays I wouldn't trade the control and customizability of Arch even for an out-of-the-box experience like Ubuntu.

    It's pain but it's good pain.
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    @1337M0nst3r well I guess I don't need this info to do my job well :) either that, or I already have it

    unless it was not your main pc - just a lab you are playing with.
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    Took me 2 hours. And another 1 to get everything working 🤔. Perhaps i missed something.
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