I'm seriously moving to a full-on designer now since programming stopped requiring any creativity from me recently,

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    I feel like “modern” software engineering doesn’t really require much creativity or even skills anymore at all due to all the abstraction. DB Developer, Software engineer / backend engineer, frontend engineer, designer, operations, those used to be one job, now it’s 5/6..

    Rest apis are the most boring routine ever. UIs the same. Most interesting area seems to be dev ops but that’s a completely different field..

    I miss writing proper, complex code where I actually have to think and put some brain juice in it to solve the problem.

    But it seems unless you work for a revolutionary startup or NASA that doesn’t really exist anymore.
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    @just8littleBit True, everything including switching platforms seems to be a repetition of what you were doing last week just a little different
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    Make visualizations it requires some thinking and using different algorithms.
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    @vane what language are you using, c, cpp, c#?

    And how do you get a job in visualization? Aren’t there just a few out there?

    Started to read into it a while back, actually really interesting.
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    @just8littleBit I am not doing it anymore. There are libraries like Cinder https://github.com/cinder/Cinder or languages like processing (similar to java ) that can get you started. Work is mostly in some top creative agencies. I think you can build your portfolio using some social media and posting simple visuals there.

    Depends how much time you want to invest it’s like with everything.
    But at least you can code so it might be easier to start.
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    @just8littleBit go into embedded software engineering .. what you describe as the old way is still what occurs
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