Let’s look at what the web is doing?

Warning: Although the pages I posted are safe, I did not dig much past them so not sure what you may find. Be vigilant, update.

Effective use of whitespace or pure insanity?



(LOL, make sure to right click view-source of Lings Cars and scroll down )


Or their homepage


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    Live feed of wtf did I just get myself into:

    Whoow boy, this thing is STILL loaded like it's being hosted behind the 56k modem that built this thing.

    Ok moving on to the cars...
    I'm just reliving the 90s, good thing I don't get seizures.

    let's try this last one out, *grabs the hand rail and prepares for a heart attack*

    Ok I was wrong, I do get seizures, someone call an ambulance for doki!!!
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