I have so much to rant right now. So much. Life is pretty much a tight rope walk right now.

But the project I'm working on right now is annoying. I've ten days to release. It's a website on WordPress. They want complex animated crap using GSAP that fucks readability in the ass. I don't even know how to do animations. I don't JS damn it. Apparently readability is not what we want. We want attention grabbing. It's a fucking government initiative website for crying out loud. Why not put a carousel with my curated list of porn then? They also want the pages to be build using blocks of modules on a page builder so that the client can produce new pages without our help. I still don't have the final designs even. When I asked for the mobile designs, they told me to "just make it look not broken". Uggh.
They spent three weeks making some shit on Squarespace and now they expect me to finish the entire fucking thing with the slutty animations, disgusting text sizes and fucked up designs sense and symmetry in pretty much a week.

And the fucking fuck faced poopy pant regional manager had the balls to tell me I'm not being undersold if I accept his measly offer for a permanent position with a salary less than a 6k per year than what people in my school usually get. -_-

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    “There’s a thin line between anger and hunger. I ride a unicycle down the middle. You might catch me touchin feet down on both sides.”
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    @rutee07 sounds like a story I want to star in right now.
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    If it's government you can push the deadline back; they know this. Just give a little push back and be calm.
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    @arcsector I'm an intern. I don't have much say on these matters.
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    @jurion hey thanks but I might need more complicated ones. Like titles that slide out when you scroll up or down, titles that intersect images and change colour at the intersected section etc etc.
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