Bad managers, rude clients and annoying colleagues...

A lot of the stories here I read have at least any of the words listed above. My advice to most of you guys is: LEAVE.

And do it NOW.

The thing is, most of the stuff you're complaining about won't change. And you will be stuck there longer than you want to be and/or notice, trust me i've been there.

Especially the rude client part is where I've had lots of experience in, you have to search for a company which will abstract that layer for you. If you're on here most likely you're a developer and not everybody is a team lead. So why the F in hell are you even in conversations about budget and/or are you doing the most of the talking in the retrospective? If your project manager is ANY good he is doing that all for you.
There is so much to choose from (my experience in western countries) so please dont be stuck in a dead end job. Or start freelancing or whatever..

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    Are you a recruiter?
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    @irene can't know if you don't look
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    @platypus i bet he's a 10x engineer
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    A Greed!
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    Unless I want to move to another state, I'm basically stuck in my current company. There aren't many other major employers nearby and none of them are hiring. Also, I may rant about my job, but I don't actually hate it. Sometimes I exaggerate and talk about specific annoyances, but these annoyances are practically universal in the field and would exist at any other job.

    Even if other employers were nearby and hiring, I like the job stability and it would have to get extraordinarily bad to convince me to quit.
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    @platypus Well no.. But you want to work at X for junior salary and with senior responsibilities? Call me!

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    @EmberQuill @rutee07

    I agree with you guys about the part that something could be annoying but is not bugging your F mind out. For me when something is annoying it just starts to grow, it won't really stop bugging me.

    Still I think that at least searching around for better is never bad, even if you want to stay you have information what you're worth at other companies.
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    How does going freelancing protect you from rude clients?
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