There was a kid in my programming class that was convinced that in the next 10 years ai would become self aware and seek for the destruction of its creators.

I wasted 20 minutes of my life trying to explain down how ai sentience would have to be an intentional decision by the group creating the ai

Of course, he spun around and tried to explain how secret government organizations are already working on general intelligence that would run on quantum computers to shut down enemy governments.

Maybe with people willing to believe anything the world is doomed after all :/

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    Look around the tin foil hatiness of this community and you'll see it's more common than ya think
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    Tbh, seeing how fast AI is going, I wouldn't even be surprised.
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    Well, neural nets are kind of a black box. The trainer doesn't necessarily know what is in those nets. If the nets get big enough they could have hidden behavior trained into them. Kind of like how people can have multiple personalities. So it could be possible that sentience could get programmed into a sophisticated net, unnoticed by the programmer/trainer. So it is plausible an AI could be sentient by accident.

    Do I think we are close to this? My gut says no, my inner mad scientist hopes yes.
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    @Demolishun According to the EU there must be no black box
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    @ScriptCoded Is this a law thing? Are they trying to dictate how algorithms work? I don't understand the reference. I searched and am unsure of what I found.
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    @ScriptCoded because laws always stopped people doing things before ;)
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    @Demolishun Well, they kind of want you to have complete knowledge as to what's going on to come to conclusions in that black box if there are personal details involved. Which there usually are.

    @SirusAmory Haha yeah...
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    I have a bad feeling about AI in the future, but not like that. Just about keeping too much people jobless.
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    @Stuxnet look around in this community and you will realize that it is more common than what you would expect.
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    How can I support this AI sentient being who will take over the world? Gotta be cheaper than what the current government costs to run.
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