One of my main hobbies is composing music. I had been in a creative funk for almost half a year when, during my vacation, I randomly discovered this little music production program for Nintendo Switch called Korg Gadget.

So far I've created 6 finished tracks, and this latest one I took a step further by giving some extra time and care.

I'm really glad to have the creative juices flowing again, especially since work has not been great lately...

Give it a listen, if you like. The other tracks are available as well :-)

New track. Sort of Synthwave. Composed with Korg Gadget on Nintendo Switch, mixed on a pc.



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    Nice, but you should have opened with 3:42 😉
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    @C0D4 I get your point, but that part wasn't really what the track was about. It just sort of... happened ;-)
    And as a big fan of progrock, I really love when a track kinda goes wildly off track somewhere XD

    You might like my track 'The Getaway' more if you're into the fastpaced stuff :-)
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    @pleuph it felt like I entered a 3rd song by then.
    But your opening (first min or so) was indulgent before it started to wonder.
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    @C0D4 I get that. Again, that's probably my prog influence shining through.
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    Do not share your soundcloud if it is not under your accidentally viral tweet. There are rules
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    @C0D4 man that was the buildup! 🤗
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    @aviophile I don't post all the music I do here. This post was about having been in a funk, and how a great program has helped me out of it.
    I looked around and couldn't find any rules about posting music links. If it's not allowed I'm sorry, but the last time I mentioned my music people were asking for links.
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    @pleuph it was a twitter based joke. All people that has viral tweets advertise their soundcloud after their tweet becomes popular, if they dont have it, they say “i dont have soundcloud but” as if it was a law
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