70% of the population see's you as a scammer. You will have to explain to your family every single day what you actually do and still they will be suspecting you. The annoying part of this , is the fact that literates even think you are a scammer.

Welcome to Nigeria.

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    Even nigerians are suspicious of other nigerians about scamming 🌝
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    @aviophile Nigerians hardly trust their fellow country men and women. You must have established a close relationship with the other party before a little bit of trust can be earned
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    @zombieleet for the record, mine was reference to nigerian prince scam :)
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    @aviophile hahahaha. Hope you did not give them any money ?
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    So if I am white and part of my ancestry line originates from Nigeria, how do I explain that shit to people for them to believe I'm not a scammer? 😂
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    @zombieleet honestly, i was about to give papa’s credit card info to similar scam.
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    As a Nigerian, the best advice I can give you whites is to educate your old women about it and let them know how most financial tech stuff works.
    And tell your old males(and some young ones) to keep their dick tucked in and their horniness in check.
    They are the most vulnerable to the typical scam coming from Nigeria.
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    You must be my long lost Nigerian uncle! Hey do you need me to send you some cash for an airplane ticket?
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    Many times life deals us an unfair hand.

    It's simple: *trick* people into trusting you.

    If you're trustworthy why not? After all, most of them already don't trust you! Whats there to lose?
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