Just rebooted.. nothing running, windows claims I'm using 99% memory, but task manager shows 211MB of 16GB being the most in use

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    May i suggest the never before suggested path of a unix system?
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    Someone smarter than me suggested it might be a hyperv vm that had started up.. and that was the problem (I thought I had deleted it). Damn sneaky thing.

    Now I'm kinda sad that I don't need to try linux again.. but backing everything up is a pain
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    So, I have listened to the mermaid. But this time, I installed it on my OLD(=not primary) laptop - it had a win7 licence, but it is no longer supported anyway.. and I have a new toy and potentially a home media server :)
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    @atombomb I do that, but then just never use it enough to get a sense of purpose. Dual boot is an option I suppose
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