Checkmate Flat Earthers

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    Cubed earthers are a thing now?
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    @C0D4 It's flat 😋
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    @FuckJava 6 flat sides, in a 3 dimensional space makes it a cubed earth.

    Plus we have the issue of the ocean now falling down the sides since you flat earthers don't have gravity, or 3 dimensional space to contain the water from exiting the atmosphere on another flat surface adjacent to the current surface you are positioned on...

    Yes... I know this is a joke 😅
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    Checkmate cubetards
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    @C0D4 dice it up bro
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    @inaba So it goes night when the dino goes to sleep?
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    @C0D4 that clearly explains for phenomena like iguazu falls, and mount everest. Vertex of the cubearth
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    I still maintain that flat earthers are actually 4th dimensional beings. They see any 3 space system as flat.
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