Can anyone suggest any websites or resources for a breakdown of how to handle requests for features or handling bugs. Basically, I want some kind of background on best practices for managing the process of receiving a feature request/or bug report from a user to it reaching the dev team, to production/user acceptance testing.

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    depends what kind of company is behind it, open web companies tend to use user voice to have the community themselves decide what is most important to them and then internally giving it priority codes.
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    @JoshBent Ok. In terms of bugs, we have a priority codes. But not necessarily feature requests. So that could be a useful consideration. Thanks
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    I realize It's not exactly bleeding edge technology, but so far it worked 100%, I have a notepad and a pen and when someone wants something, I write it down, draw a rectangle around it, do it later and then scratch the thing once done. One notepad usually lasts for about a year and one pen lasts for about 5 months. You can also draw in your notepad.
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    I'm Just going to leave this here.

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    @Pyjong I wish the expectation was that simppe@C0D4 appreciated
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