I am sick of seeing articles about imposter syndrome. The developer community as a whole should stop circlejerking each other. Let's face the reality that some developers are just shit and that's it.

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    À shitton of them. Some are just as competent as dry oyster
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    Like with anything in life it's a gaussian distribution: Most are completely useless and only a few are really good
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    'circlejerking' yes! that's the word, finally, thank you!
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    This is so fucking true it hurts
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    All devs are shit
    All devs are good
    All devs are amazing
    All devs fuck things up
    All devs feel they don't know enough
    All devs need to constantly learn and adapt which brings us back to the start of this list.

    If you can't come to terms with all of this, you aren't a dev.
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    Not at all untrue. But the problem is that even the good ones think they're shit a large percentage of the time. Basically, both things can be true at the same time.
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    @fzammetti To be fair, I'm not saying imposter (impostor?) syndrome is not real. It sure is. My problem is that every third article I see is about this issue, stating the same boring facts over and over (but that's a problem with software articles in general. im annoyed seeing the 10000th "how to set up react and redux" repeated shitty beginner level post with broken fucking English because someone taught people they should blog to stand out. like bring something new to the table, we don't need the same beginner level tutorial every day. but that's a different discussion)
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    At the end of the day, if you can’t own up to your mistakes and learn then it becomes an issue. You either proudly say you know what your doing or you can have the courage to say you don’t but learn along the way.
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    If you feel like an imposter learn what you dont know and shut the fuck up. Its that simple.
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    @trickory I'm not sure you understand what imposter syndrome is. Part of it is feeling like an imposter regardless of whether you are knowledgeable or not. It's that feeling ( not reality ) that counts here. So your advice is misdirected.
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    @monkeyboy That doesnt mean everyone claiming they have it is actually knowledgeable.
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    @Lyniven oysters can be eaten. Some dev outputs are negative.

    I'd take the oysters any day.
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    Over half my posts contain flavors of this. If I spent as much time practicing as I did on devrant I might actually be competent, wheres the fun in that.

    So what I think you're really saying is more posts about puppy kicking and linux and less posts with bitching about competence.

    I see you're a man of wealth and taste.
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