New country, new company, new team, new projects.
I'm supposed to be the TL of a team working on a React project.

A guy in his late 40s celebrates himself as "the senior", he basically just finished watching a youtube thing, React 101 crash course or similar. The other two juniors who did only Wordpress so far venerate him like a god.

The code, of course, is one on the finest pieces of crap I ever had the pleasure to deal with in my life: naturally a bunch of JQuery plugins for everything, no tests, no state management, side effects everywhere, shared state and globals like hell, everything written in ES3/ES5 style, no types, no docs, build and deploy totally manual, deep props drilling at every level... and not to mention the console.log() shipped in prod.

First day, already headache.
Full rewrite start tomorrow.
Hiring real devs as well.

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    Ouch. It's easy to fix. Just delete their repo and start a new project. If they ask what happened, just say that git got hacked ;)
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    @wolfmaster8 "git? What's git? Luckily I zipped the code yesterday."
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    @maxnar Ummm.... Ehhmm... WHY God, why 😖
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    For most coders, being completely average, and thus incompetent, companies have three options:

    1. ship fast

    2. ship good (bugfixed, performant, efficient, best practices, maintainable code/well structured/commented)

    3. ship cheap.

    Pick two (if you're lucky), or pick one if you work at a completely average company.
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