Just applied for a position at pornhub. Wish me luck !

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    A top or bottom position? 😏
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    Actor or developer?
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    will we get a livestream your job interview you sitting on the casting couch? "Innocent developer gets destroyed by interviewer"
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    @alexbrooklyn DevOps. One has to multitask nowadays ;)
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    @sleek What is the position? I mean the actual dev role (i.e. joking aside).
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    Missionary or cow girl
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    Good luck! I hope you get the position so I know who to blame if I ever try to visit pornhub and it's down. Also, please, if you get the job please tell us any funny stuff that happen only when you work for a porn site.
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    Aren't you ashamed to work for pornhub, though? I've heard they use php there😡
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    LMAO i actually have to try this once just for the laughs of it
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    Project manager: "So, we would like you to build a classifier which recognizes scenes where there are males. You need to gather the data and... label it. glhf"
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    @platypus backend developer. I am loving the comments by the way πŸ˜‚
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    Back end is good, as much I watch porn a few times a week depending on the week, I know the science is 100% clear on what it does to the brain via the unleashed neuro-biological processes. So I hope pornhub are like "ok max X amount of hours per day exposure" as their Health & Safety policy.
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    @SukMikeHok i did it for the laughs too, but now im actually hoping they write back πŸ˜‚
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    @jsframework9000 how dare you ! I am a proud php developer and would prefer nothing over php 😀
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    after few days into the job:

    the new guy sucks man.
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    Just think of the possibilities. "hairyDicks" and "hugeTits" would be completely valid, non trollish variable names.
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    They have 100% ownership and participation with a customer service issue and stick with you until it's resolved. None of the former is meant to be double entendre. That alone says a great deal about their dedication, esp. as I'm a non-paying member [<doesn't sound exactly right, does it?].
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    When do we see you in the gallery?
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    Let us know if your dream cums true
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    πŸ“Œ waiting for news
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    Good Luck, @sleek!

    Some PR stunts, activities and general employee service / standards really are top notch.
    Must be a great place to work.

    Let us know how the stack works along. Or,.. we'll see how dense your rants are.
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    You had my ++ until I realized its count.
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    @trickory you have my respect good sir
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    So, have you received a reply? :)
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    Good luck in the rest of your career. You might need to stay in the porn business. Hope it works out for you,.I wish you the best!
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    0/5 stars. Do not recommend.


    – By some estimates, 4.5 million people are trapped or forced into sexual exploitation globally. (International Labor Organization)
    – In one survey, 63% of underage sex trafficking victims said they had been advertised or sold online. (Thorn)
    – According to anti-trafficking nonprofit, Rescue:Freedom, in 9 countries, 49% of sexually exploited women said that pornography was made of them while they were being sold for sex.
    - Here’s a real-life example. In the Netherlands, investigators were able to calculate the profit generated by two sex traffickers from a number of victims. One trafficker earned $18,148 per month from four victims (for a total of $127,036) while the second trafficker earned $295,786 in the 14 months that three women were sexually exploited according to the OSCE.

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    So far none of the 15 comments above me have wished you luck. So I'll be the first.

    Good luck.
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    Backend position
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    Awesome, best of luck! I knew a dev who worked at another company that does porn streaming. They operated under another name though probably to protect their employees and give them the benefit of "it was a video streaming company" when looking for their next job haha

    Now that I think of it how awkward would it be for an interviewer to ask, say when you move in a couple of years "so tell me about your time at PornHub. what did you do there?" This is ASKING for bad puns.....
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    I don't see why it is awkward.

    Work is work.
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    Don't forget to wrap up
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    Good luck working with PHP.
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    Yuck. They support exploitation of women. Read recent news.
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    Thanks for helping people be aware. I have daughters and this crap terrifies me. The traffickers are getting more and more sophisticated at tricking young people into being trafficked, or just outright grabbing them off the street. It’s sickening. I’m probably not gonna be popular among the porn-consuming developers on DevRant for saying so, but I’m all for swift, public, and _painful_ executions of traffickers convicted with evidence in a court of law. Put the fear of God back into these slavery-promoting animals using extreme methods as a _strong_ deterrent. Maybe we’ll get rid of a few nasty politicians in the process. Jeffrey Epstein was murdered to hide their crimes.
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    awesome haha
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    @stackodev a fan of pinochet I see. Theres a reason people claim "helicopter" under gender/sex.
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    what do you prefer, front or back end?
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