I've decided to change the key components of my Arch Linux system. Of course it's not gonna be quick but here's my plan:

i3 -> bspwm
VSCode -> GNU Emacs

What do you guys think?

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    I mean windows manager change seems fine if you got bored and just wanna learn a new one. But is there a particular reason why you would like to change from VS Code to Emacs?
    Don't get me wrong, I love Emacs, just was curious as to why :D
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    @AleCx04 I want to learn Emacs too. Simple as that.

    Edit: Oh, and because of the Microsoft.
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    Come into the light and join us in the kingdom of VIM!

    Nah, kidding, Emacs is a great choice, just could never be assed to learn it, kudos to you.
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    @gathurian I know Vim but never actively used for a project.
    Thanks :D
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    I just discovered kakoune. It's muddied the waters for which modal editor I want to learn.
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    It's a shame you would judge a product based on owner rather than on merit.

    That's like not playing a game you like based on a producer you don't.

    The only loser in that scenario is you.

    Logic and preference should prevail.
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    @orhun I use vim for everything but code.

    VSCode is so easier and I can make it work with fewer plugins and configuration that it would take with vim. And the solutions Iggie on VSCode were better as wel. Specially the vim keystrokes. :)

    But, yes, it always pays back not getting stuck with just one tool.
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    Emacs is great when you get into it, lots of modes to help you program in whichever language and do most of the things you need to do in emacs
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    If you just want to take the Microsoft out of VSCode, there's VSCodium. They provide builds of the MIT-Licensed part of VSCode (which is "all the features, except the branding and the telemetry")

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    @stonestorm Wow, I would like to remind you that we're talking about MS here.
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    @stonestorm EA is evil and I will never give them a dime. Microsoft isn't much better. Google is much worse, but it's basically impossible not to pay them somehow. Though I still try.

    This is how you voice your opinion as a consumer: with your money.
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    @RantSomeWhere ++ for spacemacs
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    Okay I've switched back to i3 since I couldn't find a lightweight and simple status bar like i3bar for bspwm.
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