Half life 2 runs smoothly in a 12 year old PC with Nvidia 8500, 1 GB RAM, and a dual core.
A FPS with wavy water reflection, body physics and huge designed maps which is updates every fucking frame.

Today I can't run smoothly an IDE with 8 GB of RAM and 4 cores.
A program which only reacts to events stutters if I write at more than 3 letters per sec.

I wanna go back. Can we go back? Lets keep the new hardware and go back with the software pleeeease.

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    Not using vim, but some cancerware like atom or vscode, ain'tcha?
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    What IDE are you running?
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    Nah, vscode runs pretty smooth usually.
    I bet my ass on intellij-shitware.
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    @4160Tuesdays I know you're a troll but do you know what is an IDE
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    @electrineer as a troll to another troll- no IDEa ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @4160Tuesdays Cancerware obviously. Everything that stutters is cancerware.
    I don't have an opinion in vscode and atom though. Never used them as IDEs, only as editors.
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    @PrivateGER Android Studio or XCode or Visual Studio.
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    @Haxk20 Oh I am happy with vim and C++ for my personal projects. But there are always occassions when you have to use an IDE at work and it's always a sad view to see the PC struggling to run something which could and should be fast as fuck nowadays.
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    Imagine using vstudio lmaoooo couldnt be me
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    We have come to a point where eclipse is the best multilanguage ide. It didnt get any faster than 8 years ago, everything else gor slower.
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    you are right, I feel the same, although my system always run fine but the point is, software industries changed there perspective of performance and quality. We are increasing features day by day and hardware is also increasing but where is efficiency. I mean what is point of creating a software which sucks. You can watch bryan taking about it <https://youtu.be/_e6BKJPnb5o> 8:26 - 16:45
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    Big-name programmers today are often technically incompetent and do not care about optimisation. Some of them should use x86 assembly -- that tends to put hair on one's chest whilst teaching him about writing good programs.
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    While I agree that IDEs tend to be bloated, by modern standards rendering Half-Life isn't all that much work, and much of that is efficiently parallelized on a GPU, so I really don't think it's a good comparison.
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    The sad thing is, they pack IDEs with useless stuff which 10% of people need or use, just because we might need it.

    I honestly think that we should have a simple IDE with as little features as possible, for instance just start as a text editor and let devs decide with what they want to bloat it up. VS Code is good there but it still has that problem (how many of web devs use all Debug features??) Sublime also has that problem.
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    @arekxv You're looking for a text editor then.
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    It's funny how devs complain about IDEs.

    IDE is not an text editor.

    And yes, as many people wrote.... Use an text editor if ressources are an problem.

    I support that resource usage should be minimized...

    But an browser is now adays an OS...

    And an IDE is mostly an server application and an client...

    Otherwise you would not be able to do everything inside the IDE.

    - Debugging
    - Scanning / Indexing code while editing
    - Auto Completion
    - Web -/ Application Server
    - Database functions
    - VCS
    - Text editing
    - Syntax highlighting
    - ....

    Seriously. Stop whining. Use an text editor, do NOT complain about missing features and accept that resource hunger stems from the many comfort features you don't wanna miss...
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    @IntrusionCM Man. They could be faster and they aren't. There were software development tools for the same languages we use now and they had to work on machines that nowadays can't open a browser.
    It's sad. Quantity wins over quality in the consumables market and fast delivery wins over fast performance in the software market. Honestly I find obvious reasons to complain and whine about both (not like we can actually do anything against it :/).

    Edit: I already commented I do use a mere text editor for my projects.
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    @Haxk20 Nano army

    @OneOfSimpleMind Agreed although I’m more on the camp of they shouldn’t pack so many fucking features in it to begin with. But I’m also on the side of the community version of Visual Studio SHOULDNT make it seem like my computer is running the fitness gram pacer test.

    @arekxv I completely agree with you

    @varikvalefor yes. People who start on IDE’s only are too comfy.
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    @OneOfSimpleMind 15 years ago there were the same comments, just in mailing lists / boards...
    Other IDEs, older programming language versions, older hardware...

    Maybe I'm just tired of reading the same stuff...

    Sorry :(
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    @OneOrZero Well maybe I will! >:)
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