How many of you post here for the dev rant schwags?

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    Too many.
  • 12

    Could really use Skayo's help to make an awards bot. Would save me a lotta time
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    Never asked for swag, purchased it instead.

    Ooh which reminds me, @trogus is there plans to extend the devDuck range?
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    @C0D4 they way we fabricate the capes now, variety is pretty straightforward. What were you hoping for?
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    @trogus a Salesforce one would go a long way 😅
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    @C0D4 that would be fun, but we've been trying to avoid using trademarks/brands that might give us a hard time
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    @trogus that's fair, better safe the a law suite I guess. what about a cloud instead?

    Keeps it generic, plus everyone around here probably has a rant about a cloud service.
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    @trogus they can't give you a hard time if they don't know about it lmao
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    @C0D4 that could work. We have the </> icon, could do more dev themed iconography
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    @trogus I shall await to get my CC out.
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    Only the newbies. Usually the ones with <200 ++s
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    @Stuxnet So apparently I was right.
    You're actively handing out awards.

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