Me after my first successful arch Linux installation
Ain't no black hole photo, but yet

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    Wait, are you the guy in the background puking out your guts?
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    @Demolishun LMAO, indeed I am :)
    After installing GNOME and spending 10 hours fixing some stuff that kept failing 'cuz of my video card drivers
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    I'd be puking out my guts too if I'd spent that much on "designer" hardware just to install a better os
    Side note: I have a macbook Pro and an imac 5k.
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    Those 3 fingers at the nose confused me for a second..
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    TIL there are companies that sell blackboards with stuff already on them so that people think you're smart.
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    > "Windows is gay"

    love those extras in the background!
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    Mmmm. Sorry to be THAT guy but... that looks like the archiso usb boot, not an arch installation :/
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    @OneOfSimpleMind yep the "boot existing OS" gave it away without a doubt
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