Am I the only one?
Do {
I want to know EVERY FUCKN SKILL A DEV CAN POSSIBLYHAVE, but I want to know it all NOW..
googling 30 times for tutorials and posts about a topic,
opening 30 tabs,
then spending around 30 seconds on each one ...
Trying 1-2 tutorials,
not understanding why I dont get this shit...
this is stupid
loosing interest in 3..2..1...
Aaand let's try and learn this new skill..
} while(true)


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    Yeah. But it is not an infinite loop
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    You gotta like learning too, not just the subject.
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    This happens every time I'm learning something without an objective. If I setup a goal / project in mind and implement it in bits and pieces while learning, it becomes a little difficult to lose interest.
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    Learning JS! HAHAHA! Dont need that shit to get stuff done.
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    Some shit is hard to step over sometimes 🥳 but yea
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