@dfox can we get a standing desk for our avatar? 😊

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    I imagine what the first thought is if trogus sees this 😄

    *ugh more work! do you guys know how much it takes to draw all those legs and reposition the bodies. And David would have to reprogram the whole module to make that happen! Nope not gonna happen!* "cool idea I'll look into it and will discuss it with dfox" 😉
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    It has been discussed. It wouldn't be a ridiculous amount of work, but still a lot to deal with impacted layers and things that would need to be repositioned
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    @trogus Thanks for the reply. It is not urgent but maybe if you guys are thinking about adding some new items to the avatar builder next time :) thank you for this nice app!
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    @theKarlisK or the Starbucks table for all our hipster freelancers

    (no offense to you guys :D)
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    @theKarlisK Make them squat dance on the table.
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    @theKarlisK I'd like one where I'm drooling/napping in the office beanbag, with a half empty bottle of ginger beer in my hand leaking on to the floor
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    How about sitting in a meeting looking bored
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    How about CSV profile pic support? I'd make them myself.
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    Only have to reposition the body down to the eye level the table. Put arms up. Make em wave to the screen. The legs will fall of the builder and your done!
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    @sideways The Dunning Kruger syndrome is strong with this one.
    *never* oversimplify another's work when they're likely more expert than you.
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    Oh. Wow. This is not worth another comment. Plane blunt. It was pun intended. But then calling me kinda stupid is weird. Now let me be in vein and jump of a bridge.
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