~kinda rant?
devRant needs better comment section. [agree?]

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    There's literally a devrant section to post it in instead of tagging it devrant lmao

    But describe "better" because it's vague and very subjective language.
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    We have thread (topics / headers) and we have comments, what more do we need?
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    This is just fine.
    Miss me with those comment trees and sub-answers to answers. Completely unnecessary here.
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    some rants with > 10 comments get hard to understand... one constantly has to scroll up and down to see who is replying to who...
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    maybe something like this..
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    @d02d33pak you want reddit in other words
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    What about impementing markdown?
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    This isn't Reddit.
    Stop trying to make this good platform that shithole.
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    @melezorus34 No. It's been discussed many times and it remains a terrible idea.
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    I don't understand, how, by just having a better comment section, will make devRant a shithole
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    @d02d33pak Most people don't think it'd be better. I for one think it'd add needless complexity... I quite like the simplicity of how it is at the mo.
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    Look at your rant.
    You have twelve comments and that's already way above average. A comment section like Reddit has would be completely overkill and would make comments even rarer.
    Also, devRant isn't a content aggregator like Reddit.
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    Also too much quick changes will cause to rants on devrant about devrant, eventually making the rants to other platforms, accidentally making EA's marketing idea (it's so bad that you have to try it to see)

    But 'new' comment shit is bad for everything overall
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