He ran out of money. Begging for us to be pressured and bear his child that's even dead by now(his projects).

I guess someone said that it's already a sinking ship. I have to row my own boat and find a new course.

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    Good luck with the job hunt, man
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    Dunno about where you're at, but in the US this is a crime if you have more than 50 employees.
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    @SortOfTested not really above 50. But I think its his mismanagement and carefree went downfall. I didn't think he chose me to be the sole mobile dev to revive a dead project 4 years ago.
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    Maybe you are the only person he can trust/boss around for the project.
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    Captains go down with the ship ✌️
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    I'm going to quit anyway. I found myself a freelance job.
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    @karma Costa Concodia tells a completely different story.
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    @JFK422 they had an exception thrown
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    I wouldn't be coming in. Don't pay me, I ain't working.
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    I hate it...
    The last company that I was working started delaying our paycheks also.
    The CEO had the same speach. But is funny how our salary can be delayed but the project MUST not.
    "How we're going to pay you guys (the money that we're already owning you) if don't deliver on time..."
    What a trick!
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    If a company tries to do any type of shenanigan with your salary, it's time to talk to hr (or person responsible in a startup). If they don't immediately correct the issue, it's time to start the job hunt. If you feel you have enough leverage, stop coming to work until they pay you. Compensation is the most essential part of your relationship with an employer. This tactic has worked for me 1 out of 1 times in a country with labor laws that did not protect me.
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    Mods, I accidentally reported Magauw's comment. There was a bug that caused the report button to display with the text "modify". I was curious and I clicked it. Then I got the dialog that said I had successfully reported the comment.

    I have a screenshot of this bug if you're curious. Please ignore the report
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    @taylorswift I see the same thing, the Report button says Modify for all the comments for some reason.

    @dfox no idea if you're already aware of this bug
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