I started reading this rant ( https://devrant.com/rants/2449971/... ) by @ddit because when I started reading it I could relate to it, but the further he explained, the lesser relatable it got.

( I started typing this as a comment and now I'm posting this as a rant because I have a very big opinion that wouldn't fit into the character limit for a comment )

I've been thinking about the same problem myself recently but I have very different opinion from yours.

I'm a hard-core linux fan boy - GUI or no GUI ( my opinion might be biased to some extent ). Windows is just shit! It's useless for anything. It's for n00bs. And it's only recently that it even started getting close to power usage.

Windows is good at gaming only because it was the first platform to support gaming outside of video game consoles. Just like it got all of the share of 'computer' viruses ( seesh, you have to be explicit about viruses these days ) because it was the most widely used OS. I think if MacOS invested enough in it, it could easily outperform Windows in terms of gaming performance. They've got both the hardware and the software under their control. It's just that they prefer to focus on 'professionals' rather than gamers.

I agree that the linux GUI world is not that great ( but I think it's slowly getting better ). The non-GUI world compensates for that limitation.

I'm a terminal freak. I use the TTY ( console mode, not a VTE ) even when I have a GUI running ( only for web browsing because TUI browsers can't handle javascript well and we all know what the web is made of today - no more hacking with CSS to do your bidding )

I've been thinking of getting a Mac to do all the basic things that you'd want to do on the internet.

My list :
linux - everything ( hacking power user style )
macOS - normal use ( browsing, streaming, social media, etc )
windows - none actually, but I'll give in for gaming because most games are only supported on Windows.

Phew, I needed another 750-1500 characters to finish my reply.

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    Oh, it didn't tag the original user in the rant. Was that intentional @dfox?

    @ddit, here's a comment to your rant.
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    > my opinion might be biased to some extent
    Well... yeah, it's Linux zealotry fresh from the nineties. 🤷‍♂️
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    @shine mentions don't work in rants themselves
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    @ScribeOfGoD I figured that out the hard way.
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    Windows is also good for gaming because it has a unified driver model while Linux doesn't have a stable driver architecture, and because DirectX is not only vendor lock-in by MS, but actually really useful.

    Under Linux, there's no stable driver API because that's part of the kernel and changed nilly-willy. The only way that this doesn't cause tons of permanent work for the manufacturers is to open source them - but that's giving away competetive advantage. Which is why AMD and even more so Intel opensource their graphic stuff, because they're behind the competition (i.e. Nvidia).

    When MS releases a Windows update, manufacturers don't have to update their drivers because there's a stable interface. Doesn't work with a Windows upGRADE to another Windows version, but normally, a Windows PC stays with its Windows version until the PC is EOL anyway.
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    Oh I think that the Linux GUI world is just great! We've got KDE Plasma, Mate, Gnome, Cinnamon and so on, I'd say at least KDE Plasma and Gnome are sexy as hell.
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    @Securitea yes, diversity is something that GNU/Linux can very proudly boast. Nobody else has that.

    That choice is also why it is a popular choice for hackers and power users.

    I'm a terminal freak, I practically live inside a TTY, but I would still not complain about any desktop environment that's out there ( except for those old-school ones that refuse to modernize themselves - yes, I'm looking at you MATE, XFCE, OpenBox ). Most of them have beautiful modern UIs that work great as well.
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    @shine Yeah I can relate to living inside terminals. Although I do find Mate kinda ugly, it's fucking lightweight which makes it ideal for low-end hardware!
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    @Securitea Agreed. I'm seeing similar interests between us :)
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    @shine Same here haha. Been a Linuxer for quite a while now, although my main profession is cybersecurity :)
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    @Securitea Cybersecurity is only an interest for me. I'm into servers. Did I tell you I'm a terminal freak?
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    @shine You did, I think! Servers are part of my work as well, though. Linux servers, that is.
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    @Securitea I haven't and never will touch Windows servers, ever! I vow this.

    And besides, I got into servers only after realizing the power and potential of the linux terminal. Not anything else.

    I don't even want to touch the normal Windows either, but meh, that's too extreme to go. You have a lot of family that run Windows who think just because you spend a lot of time with your computer means you know everything about it and you can fix whatever issues they have with their computers. #AnotherRant
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    @shine Sounds somewhat familiar, mate :)
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    Lost me at "its for noobs"
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    @PrivateGER I understand. It was supposed to be a 'rant', remember?

    Anyway, reading it now ( after the venting period is over ), it feels like I was a little too harsh with my tone. But hey, that's what devRant is for right?

    I guess, if you read the remainder of the rant, I think I did concede to Windows for gaming. And it is on my final list for gaming as well. :)
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