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    I started reading this rant ( ) by @ddit because when I started reading it I could relate to it, but the further he explained, the lesser relatable it got.

    ( I started typing this as a comment and now I'm posting this as a rant because I have a very big opinion that wouldn't fit into the character limit for a comment )

    I've been thinking about the same problem myself recently but I have very different opinion from yours.

    I'm a hard-core linux fan boy - GUI or no GUI ( my opinion might be biased to some extent ). Windows is just shit! It's useless for anything. It's for n00bs. And it's only recently that it even started getting close to power usage.

    Windows is good at gaming only because it was the first platform to support gaming outside of video game consoles. Just like it got all of the share of 'computer' viruses ( seesh, you have to be explicit about viruses these days ) because it was the most widely used OS. I think if MacOS invested enough in it, it could easily outperform Windows in terms of gaming performance. They've got both the hardware and the software under their control. It's just that they prefer to focus on 'professionals' rather than gamers.

    I agree that the linux GUI world is not that great ( but I think it's slowly getting better ). The non-GUI world compensates for that limitation.

    I'm a terminal freak. I use the TTY ( console mode, not a VTE ) even when I have a GUI running ( only for web browsing because TUI browsers can't handle javascript well and we all know what the web is made of today - no more hacking with CSS to do your bidding )

    I've been thinking of getting a Mac to do all the basic things that you'd want to do on the internet.

    My list :
    linux - everything ( hacking power user style )
    macOS - normal use ( browsing, streaming, social media, etc )
    windows - none actually, but I'll give in for gaming because most games are only supported on Windows.

    Phew, I needed another 750-1500 characters to finish my reply.