The pandemic aside, even the type of absurd news messages in the Plague Inc mobile game have become reality.

- "President berates reporters for asking 'tough questions' "
- "Corona beer stocks dive as result of coincidentally unfortunate brand name"
- "Man intentionally transmits illness by spitting on police officer."

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    "People torch new 5G antenna thinking it propagates the virus."
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    @Jilano nah it was a sacrifice to the gods
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    @Jilano I know loooooaaaads of sites with conspiracy theory about this are floating around.. but do you perhaps know where to find some sort of infographics for this? I think I saw one on 9gag or fb, but cannot find it anymore.. I know it's a long shot, but still..
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    @sladuled I don't remember when I first saw it, but here's a link that might have more information: https://gizmodo.co.uk/2020/04/...
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    You're looking for Bild.de or CNN.com
    *Sadly joking* *science heartbroken*
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