Hi. I just wanted to share I failed the google online interview. Thought I was prepared, I vomit and had diarrhea 30mins before the interview, Always makes mistakes on google docs. I keep pressing tabs which uglifies the code, miss-spelled my variables and functions name, mistakenly put everything in const (I got used to my editor yelling at me when I used const instead of let, should not rely on this). But there's always next time. I hope.

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    Like, using const for re-assignable variables, or just plain usage of const?
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    @melezorus34 for reassignable sir.
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    Cool story. Now. Fail again.

    Doing something successful isn't an either/or, pass-or-fail.

    Failure is literally the first step. Success the first time out of luck feels GREAT, it's a great high. But when you realize what it is: BLIND chance, that's literally robbed you of the chance to learn the info needed to make that success repeatable.

    That said, what have you learned? The nerves aren't so bad afterward are they? It's always either the expectation of the thing or our own headspace *during it* that fucks us up.
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    @Wisecrack Fo real bro. I thought I was freaking ready with all the time I spent reading CTCI and doing hacker rank. It just went all away when you are in there. What I learned really is to stop talking shit to yourself, before the Interview I was like "You cant pass the interview, you cant do math, you graduated in a 3rd world country (this is my biggest insecurity here in the US), You don't know shit about design patterns, you deleted all your personal project, bla bla..." this will go on, til I fall asleep. The closer the interview it gets worst. I lost because of my own shit. SMH!
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    I have offered this repeatedly to others and apparently all the prior people thought it was an empty gesture because no one took me up on it:

    But if you want someone to practice for an interview with, I am willing to help. I am an amateur myself, but I'm sure it would help you overcome some of your nerves.

    You have nothing to lose.

    If you're interested send me an email at


    I only check it once a day, but I *do* check it.

    We could set something up for the weekend.

    Anyway, let me know if it sounds like something you'd like to try.
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    @Wisecrack Im down for it bro. Let me email you right now.
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