Github Card v2.0.0 released 🎉 : Dark Theme is available now.


A few days ago I published the GitHub card widget with the default light theme and after that, I got a few requests on creating a dark theme for it so finally, here it is :) Do star it if you like the project.

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    @shoop thank you :)
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    Damn all your stuff looks good lol

    The 'Rona tracker and this. Good job dude
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    @Stuxnet hey man. thanks for the kind words. :) means a lot.
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    @pythonInRelay just wanted to mention you here since you talked about the dark version of this in my previous post :)
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    @Areg thanks a ton :)
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    @MarcoCeccon thank you :)
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    I see you changed the box shadows. Much more modern
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    @AlgoRythm thank you. the shadows in the card is not default it's been added on the widget for demo.It's totally upto the users how they wanna add shadows but yes i did change the shadows in the bottom section bar :)
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