So, the HR has made it mandatory to fill a Google form,
fill in info about yourself (name, employee ID),
your family (name, address),
and select radio buttons for symptoms like fever,cough, cold.

You must fill this form DAILY, and if you miss filling the google form, it will be Loss of pay for whole day.

Yes, so if I have contracted coronavirus, and am running a high fever, first thing I'll do is login, open a shitty ass google form and select a bunch of stupid radio buttons.

And if I'm not ill, I'll still go and fill this form every single day.

Because fuck logic.

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    Seek new employment soon
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    So what your saying is... I just need a bot to open the form, and submit it everyday regardless if I'm sick or not.

    Is it the same form everyday?
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    That's illegal in the US.
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    @SortOfTested With the GDPR in the EU, that wouldn't be just illegal, it would even be dang expensive for the company.
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    Come work in the EU

    one German company handled the support center "voice authentication" wrong and had to pay EUR 10 million.
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    @scor Yeah and here it's even highly sensitive data (health data) - such shit would put the company out of business.
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    I tried! Then brexit happened
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    @C0D4 Morons can't even get a form right. They've sent 6 versions of the same form till now with typo corrections 😑
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    Do you work at Jio ?
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    @srpatil Yes, kind of. I am assuming you do as well? I did not mention in the post that one has to go through the myjio app survey as well.
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    HR: People who go to MBA colleges after engineering..
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    Good thing one can automate Google forms quite easily.
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    Sounds like someone needs to automate the boring stuff.
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