God Damn cleaning lady managed to rip out the power chord to the company server... FML

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    And the cleaning lady has access to the server room why?
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    @rutee07 studies show learning to code with pornhub has side effects.

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    @C0D4 can't argue with that.
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    @C0D4 To be fair.. you can still accumulate some dust there.. or in case of fire, someone must clean the mess up.. 🤣🤣🤣😇

    I'm more interested in why one power cord could cause problems.. Shouldn't there be a secondary power cord connected to ups or sth?!
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    Sounds like a bit of a crappy setup.

    I mean, even if the cleaning lady is allowed in the server room, there shouldn't just be a power cord she can yank out. All (enterprise grade) servers I've seen are wired straight into a backplane, no cords to see, usually controlled by a honking great switch somewhere that's not something you can switch off by accident. Usually a UPS to boot.
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    I've heard of cases where they unplug an already loose network cable [broken rj45 clip]. But I have not heard of anyone accidentally ripping off a power cord. And causing an outage. I mean did she also accidentally unplug the backup power supply cord you have for redundancy? And someone stole your UPS?
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    I worked at a place that put in a transformer upside down. Result was 208V going to 120V socket. The cleaning lady plugged in a vacuum on this circuit. It ran "really great" for a few seconds, then lights went out.

    @Root nice!
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    @netikras believe me, shitty setups exist.

    Not that the servers are used for products, mind you, it's just used for storing shit shared around the office (torrents) but also can house some large databases for testing and such.

    Sometimes, it can store moderately important shit like production backups, documentation, etc.

    These are usually setup in small closets together with the "backup" server plugged into the same fucking AVR. Nope, not a UPS because fuck it this building has generators right? We should be fucking fin.....
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    @Angry Heh, they will be "fin".
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    @C0D4 There is no server room. It's just a tower pc with 2 PSUs @sladuled Yeah it is. One goes directly from the wall, another uses a UPS.
    And she took out both... I'm not sure how that happened.

    Just to be clear before I'm bashed to death for not using 1000+ euro decent enterprise equipment. It's a small company, less then 12 people still work here
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    @HitWRight I'm not going to bash you, but I just hope you see the idiocy behind leaving a company server, I'm going to assume contains sensitive data to the company, left in plain site and access.

    Its really no safer then uploading all that content onto a public github repo and praying no one spots it.

    At least put it behind a locked door.
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