Boss coding.
Boss not fan of tests at all.

"Hey I'm doing all of tests" - boss to me.
"Cool, are they automated? Or do you want me to implement'em?" - me to him

[long speech about why tests are irrelevant including "...once I tested, it is tested, we dont need to have automated tests."] *im teaching you because you dont know voice*

Please, help meeee

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    You are right. Boss is wrong. Period.
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    I suggest you give your boss a typewriter to write his code on. In that way, the code will be immutable.
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    The small business I'm working for has a site who's previous developer was of the code it right once mindset. There was no dev environment for testing on, no backups, no code versioning, nothing. Was kind of unbelievable.
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    @tekmeister When I got this role, same. No tests either, I have been coding them but it's like a phobia sometimes...

    Good luck with that env!
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