Conversation with my Boss

B: Are u a hacker?
M: No
B: We need a hacker?
M: Why?
B: Because X department wants to do a hackathon.

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    Just... Why?
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    Having a boss that knows more than you is becoming a rare privilege...
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    "One does not simply hack a hackathon"
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    Just run ip config /all on cmd and you are a haxor
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    @mundo03 wait are you looking through all my rants?
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    @jpichardo I WAS, right now I am waking up.
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    @mundo03 a little late there in guajaladara wasn't it?
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    @jpichardo yes it was.
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    I'm mean to be fair, for someone outside the realm of computing or cyber security I can see how they can make that mistake. The event is called a HACKathon and they do call the coders there "hackers" and their projects "hacks". At least from the ones I've seen and participated at. Always slightly bothered me.
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