Have you been rude and aggressive to the friends and family because you are tired of the bullshit of your office people but you can't yell at them because you really need that job and can't afford getting fired yet? be honest!

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    If I'm tired of office bullshit and then I get tired of bullshit at Home, then yes.

    It is definitely a trigger, not the sole trigger
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    I usualy don't hide my sarcasm at work. Why?
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    I understand your feelings, but never lash out at the ones close to you, they (usually) love you and are hurt without reason
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    I have no problem telling co-workers where we stand.
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    Sarcasm is the part of my job, otherwise how else you don't get insane working with 3DEXPERIENCE products? :)
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    What goes in work stays in work. I try to keep it away from home. Sometimes I’ll have a chat about it if it’s bothering me enough, but that doesn’t happen much.
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