I am Computer Science Student
Yesterday I asked question to my classmates, what is Linux,

here's some(non-forgettable) replays:

3- An App
2- A Soap
1- Game character

and most (suggest me..a word) :

0- Linux Crackers(Food)

and that guy sent me this..

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    Stuff like this just makes my blood boil. I've noticed similar rants by you. What *ahem* university is this?
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    @jaydevs Rant is not related to 'wk50' in anyways. Check the purpose of 'wkX' tags before using them. :)
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    I'd just like to interject...
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    Well, he's not wrong...
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    Haha :D
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    I don't know what you guys are on about. I use Micro soft Linux all the time.
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    I use vim as well.
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    How is this related to wk50?
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    Whattt?? That exists? 😵
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    I think I've heard of the crackers.
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    Now I want crackers named BSD.
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    @sambid Cheese
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    I love the fact you had to specify that "Linux Crackers" are food
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    @Codebeard Wha? I use them to do dishes lol. confused? https://facebook.com/vimsrilanka/
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    If you're serious, your university is straight up a shame. At mine we knew and had used Linux in our first semester. We were specifically introduced to it.
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    well i stopped pursuing any degree in comp sci after the 101 intro to programming course (i had been a professional IT and dev for several years) i was forced to take, javascript, teacher gave me a C on a project that was correct.

    I was actually tutoring 9 classmates(18 total including me), most of them got A's. His reason? He said it was invalid since it wouldn't compile... despite literally being compiled. Apparently, he insisted that the only valid compiler was this random one he used and that didn't like my code. Pretty sure he didn't like that mine was more efficient than his.

    He kept arguing that I'd realise I was wrong if I was pro employed as a dev. So I called in a favour from the Lead fullstack of the online gaming company I worked for... he wrote a letter, incl his exp and contact info. Now it was an A-.

    a week ago here some guy with " 13 years" including sys admin exp commented wondering what RHEL was.

    i come here for the reality check if im overthinking.
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