Did you hear that GitHub is planning to rename racially sensitive terms like "master"?

My two cents: rename master to daddy. xD

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    I swear you fucks read rants and comments with ++'s and rewrite them as your own with an xD at the end.
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    Good luck renaming all master branches and getting away with this.
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    I'm gonna comment the same here as in linuxxx's thread.

    What are they gonna call it then? Führer?
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    Frankly speaking, "parent" would be a legit choice. So yeah, you might be right
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    For "master" I don't think it is a problem, you can name it "main" or something like that. I'd guess that GitHub will not change existing names but choose a new default for the newly created one, as to not break integrations.
    I have a stronger opinion about "Blacklist" and "Whitelist": Allow/deny/exclusive list will create confusion

    "Why can't I reach your network?"
    "Oh, I accidentally deny listed your IP"
    Who would say something that?
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    @netikras sToP mAKiNg CHiLdReN WoRk
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    Btw my suggestion is: manager/worker
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    Github gits woke.
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    That's sexist!
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